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Hello world!

Why would you want to read this blog?

  • We have some really incredible teachers who happen to also be awesome writers. They have interesting stories to tell.
  • If we can make information technology, collaborative curriculum, and constructivist instruction work in the classroom, it can be done. All these approaches have to work with our children, not just the children of the rich and middle-class,  if we are going to have a truly public education.
  • We’ll write about the hard truths, but also we’ll find humor in the impossibilities and improbabilities of our jobs, and ourselves.

What will we have?

  • Examples of what works, doesn’t work, and what people would like to try.
  • Examples of what we now know shouldn’t have been tried in the first place.
  • Examples of what gets in the way, and better approaches.

Oh, and our own personal observations and anecdotes about teaching in this unique environment. This will be a place to explore ideas.

How will this be done? We will be posting twice a week to start. If we can convince others to join us, we can increase this to three or five times a week (drop me a line if you are interested). Sometimes, we’ll let a picture say more than could be said with a thousand words.

Who are we?

  • Alice Mercer, an elementary educator from Sacramento , CA . I have only worked in Title One schools, most of them on whole school free lunch (that means a super majority+ of students are living in poverty).
  • Doug Noon an elementary school teacher from Fairbanks, Alaska. I’ve worked in all the grades, K-6, for the past 25 years in Fairbanks, with major concentrations at the second grade, fourth, and sixth-grade levels. I’m presently teaching in a Title One school with a large Alaska Native minority population. I have a MEd in Language and Literacy.
  • Michaele Sommerville, a kindergarten teacher and military spouse currently touring some of the “lower 48″ thanks to Uncle Sam. I’ve taught in Alaska (ten years), New Mexico (one year), Kansas (one year) and am currently seeking employment in Texas (too bad I’m not bi-lingual!). I’m a early childhood education advocate and a mother of four lifelong learners!
  • Brian Crosby Elementary teacher integrating Web 2.0, 1:1 laptops and project/problem based learning in an “At Risk” school
  • Jose Rodriguez 3rd grade teacher from Los Angeles, CA. Educator for the last 13 years. I was out of the classroom for four of those years coordinating NCLB Compliance and Bilingual-Programs in my school. My family immigrated to the States when I was 5. This gives me a personal connection to my students.

Please join us at our blog. It’ll be fun and interesting. We promise.

16 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Lee Baber says:

    Hello, The blog looks great. I will look forward to keeping up with your posts. ~Lee

  2. CarlaArena says:

    Hey, guys,

    Promising! I’m a Brazilian EFL teacher, but now just an observer how the public and private schools in the US work as my two little kids (PK4 and 1st grade) are attending school in Key West, Florida! Very interesting to notice the contrasts between public and private here and in relation to the schools in Brazil! Also, it was interesting to see how fast one of my kids learned English and how slow the other started blooming because the TA at his school spoke Spanish to him instead of English and although he spoke Portuguese, not Spanish!

    Well, I’m sure with you I’ll learn a lot as you have such an interesting background!


  3. Lisa Parisi says:

    One more blog for me to keep up with. Can’t wait to see what you have to offer.

  4. Sounds great! Let the posts begin!

  5. Ms. Whatsit says:

    Welcome! I’m certain that your blog will be a formidable read.

  6. blogwalker says:

    You had me at the subtitle – Theory is nice, but we are working in practice… I’ve added your site to my blogroll and to my Bloglines account- with much anticipation of great read/writes to come.

  7. Looking forward to it. When a blog is recommended or highlighted by one I already read and enjoy [in this case, Ms. Whatsit], it’s usually a great read.

  8. Lynne says:

    This looks to be an exciting venture. I’m looking forward to your posts.

  9. Bud Hunt says:

    Teach me. I’m ready.

  10. Repairman says:

    What Ms. Whatsit and Matthew said. Welcome to the great discussion.

  11. Alice Mercer sent me. So glad she did.

  12. Matt Birt says:

    Sounds exciting. I’ve already added you to Google Reader.

    Now if you could only find a high school teacher to add to the mix.

  13. alicemercer says:

    Hey Matt, great news, we’ve got one high school blogger, Larry Feralazzo, agreeing to blog with us. He should appear in October.

    If YOU are interested in writing, send me some writing at alice_mercer[at]yahoo[dot]com.

  14. Wow, this blog just came to my attention, and it looks awesome. I’m posting this in my “favorites” on my own blog, and encouraging other teachers to take a look too!

  15. alicemercer says:

    Your appreciation is appreciated!

  16. Cathy says:

    This looks great. I’m a first time blogger and look forward to gaining more insight w/ teachers and students. Maybe I can start to keep up slowly w/ my own kids!

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