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I am participating in a Multimedia Cart Roll-out in my district. At this point the program is focused on getting elementary school teachers to use technology tools in their lessons. The Multimedia cart consists of a lightweight metal cart equipped with a MacBook, and an LCD projector. So, what does this offer that we don’t have already? The district has asked principals to identify lead teachers at each school to help implement the program. It has to do with rotating the laptop cart within the school. But it goes beyond logistics, the focus is on how the carts are actually used. The key is in the support provided.

The lead teachers were given an orientation to the program.  The district tech coordinators are supporting the implementation of the program.  Lead teachers are being asked to belong to a Moodle to share Best Practices.  The Moodle is a very cool tool.  It allows teachers to participate in forums.  The key is that it is open to all teachers, not just the lead teachers.   Teachers can post problems they are facing at their school.  It is also a central place to look for instructional resources for using technology in their classroom.  Either way it’s been almost a month, where am I?

My fist step was to communicate with my principal and propose a basic plan.  It goes beyond rotating the laptop cart around the school.  We already have LCD projectors and most teachers have a school issued laptop.  The difference in the program is the focus on how the technology is being used and most importantly; is to share best practices.  I proposed that we start a technology cadre.  We are scheduled to meet twice a month, after school.  The technology cadre will be the  core group of teachers that will share how they use technology with the rest of the staff.  I set up a wiki for us to organize the use of the Multimedia Cart and also to share lessons.  I will also get these teachers to participate in the district Moodle for tech use.  We have also requested professional development time to show other teachers in the school how technology can be used to enhance their lessons.  It is all one step at a time.  So, how are teachers at your school using LCD projectors / Smart Boards etc… ?

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  1. I am fortunate enough to be in a Title I School. We get a little extra money for technology. Every teacher in my school has an LCD cart to use in their classroom. We need to try to work toward every student having a computer for their use at any time. Teachers need to start using Web 2.0 tools for their own learning before any of these changes make sense. I like what you are doing. It is definately a great start on a long road to education reform!

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    I’ll be interested in hearing more about how things go in your school. The Small Learning Community in which I teach at our school is getting a laptop cart in January, and we’ll be “piloting” its use to see if the other SLC’s should get ones in the fall.


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