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What to do?

Revisiting posts by myself and others about teaching using scripts, and teaching general, Doug Noon fleshes out my arguments (not original) that no script can take the place of a professional educator in Borderland » Blog Archive » The Right Way to Teach

It reminded me of an earlier post here by Mathew Needleman: » Letter to a First Year Teacher Regarding Using Technology In Practice and this piece on teacher training by Jennifer Orr.

There are two competing things that I worry about with new teachers, that they will not do enough of their own work on their curriculum, and that they will do to much. The first worry is more about how they teach over time (not in their first year or even three). I think Mathew’s advice of looking at the curriculum and figuring out where you can add your own input is wise, but you have to do it, and not just teach the script. Take it in small, manageable pieces, although little enough of teaching will be small and manageable.

I’ll come back to this advice that Doug picked out from my post on this: Be clear in what the program (text book/publisher based curriculum) is doing, what you are doing, and what needs to be done. Don’t do it all at once, but take on what you can adding in a little each year.

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