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I just saw the newest Indiana Jones movie, after having re-seen the first three last week. Here is my list of light-hearted and semi-serious thoughts on How A Good Teacher Is Not Like Indiana Jones. Feel free to add your own ways on why a teacher should not (or should) be like the famed action hero.

A good teacher….:

… does not have a whip as part of his/her professional “toolkit.”

… respects his/her student’s cultural background and doesn’t smash or abuse it, and doesn’t use it as a blunt force weapon against someone, especially not against their head.

… doesn’t necessarily hate snakes, but might feel that way about standardized tests.

… juggles a lot of balls in the air, but avoids having a humongous one that tries to roll him/her over.

… always keeps his/her eyes open to what’s going on (even if it might mean being turned to dust by malevolent forces)

… is willing to take risks, but isn’t reckless. Examples of being reckless might include jumping out of an airplane with an inflatable raft as a parachute, clinging to the top of a moving submarine for a thousand miles, or doing a science experiment that might result in an unhealthy explosion.

… believes that knowledge is gained through hard work, and not from beings from another dimension.

… hangs out with people who want to put their heart into what they believe, not take it out….

Other ideas?

8 Responses to “How Is A Good Teacher NOT Like Indiana Jones?”

  1. alicemercer says:

    This was just what I needed at this point, a good laugh. Thanks!

  2. Interesting- this line of thought i.e. “what one should not do”.

  3. Kevin says:

    No help from aliens from another dimension?
    Now you are ruining my whole perception of my classroom.
    And, if not from another planet, who are these strangers coming into my classroom all day?
    Maybe it is the KIDS who are from another planet.
    It is all starting to make sense now.


  4. alicemercer says:

    Hey, how about the Hawthorn-esque point of the movie, there is some knowledge we/you shouldn’t have? Good, or bad?

  5. Kevin,

    I’ve wondered if some students (not to mention a few teachers) might be living in an alternative universe.


    “Hawthorn-esque” is far too deep for me. I went to the movie for the chase scenes and fights….


  6. Mathew says:

    A good teacher…stops after three effective lessons and doesn’t come back to do a fourth unnecessary lesson that may seem irrelevant to students.

    (Not a review…I haven’t seen movie yet and am looking forward to it).

  7. Kevin says:

    I thought Indy would be a good teacher. Especially with lots of real world experience and knowledge about secret things. He does really get into his research. Takes his learners on adventure. dresses well. um, rugged good looks,

    I haven’t seen the latest one yet though…

    At least he isn’t freaking out about someone commenting on his wig.


  8. Good fun, Larry.

    Here’s a couple of additions:

    A good teacher is completely unfazed when the absolutely unbelieveable breaks out in the middle of their instruction.

    A good teacher recognizes when a lesson is two meters shy of the edge of the waterfall and changes course ahead of time.

    A good teacher knows WHO to send for help!

    A good teacher understands that book knowledge is not knowing—and is therefore willing to ride their son’s motorcycle through the library at will.

    A good teacher sees the cafeteria brawl as an opportunity to be embraced rather than an obstacle to avoid.

    I gotta say that I enjoyed this far more than I enjoyed the actual movie!

    Rock on,

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