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Monthly Archive for September, 2008

iPods In Schools

Earlier this month I wrote a post here critical of having students use cellphones in the classroom and shared why we banned their used during the school-day at my inner-city school. In that same post I just briefly mentioned that this year we also banned iPods from the school, though I didn’t go into the […]

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IEPs for Schools

Ten years ago my school district identified twenty elementary schools, out of about 130, as needing extra support. These schools were identified based on more than just test scores, although that was one factor. They looked at high rates of students living in poverty, large percentages of second language learners, and schools with high mobility […]

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Is Brainpop Bad For Students?

Blogger Gary Stager is never afraid to speak his mind, and often provides a lot of food for thought. I’m a regular reader. Sometimes, though, as all iconoclasts do, I think he goes a bit too far. His critique of VoiceThread was one of those times, and his just-published post that begins “Brainpop gives me […]

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Cell Phones: To the Contrary

Larry Ferlazzo recently wrote here about Cellphones In Class and expressed skepticism about including this technology in an his particular education setting. Just to give some background, some of those headlines about cell phones being used to phone in fights, could have come from Larry’s school site a few years back (I know because I […]

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Cellphones In Class

Alice Mercer and I have recently had a couple of discussions about the use of cellphones in the classroom, and there have been a number of other recent blog posts about it — including in Darren Draper’s fine blog. However, I’m still not convinced cellphone use in the classroom is generally a good idea. I […]

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