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Larry Ferlazzo asked me for a list of links on Michelle Rhee that were not just a “rant” (which is what I wrote). You may have some of your own (add them as a comment), here are mine:

When she first proposed an “alternative” non-tenure contract track, Dan Meyer had a post where the comments showed a schism between younger and older teachers on this issue. Chris Lehmann’s comment outlines in a really succinct way why veteran teachers in urban districts may not embrace such a change.

The Time magazine article about Michelle Rhee that started the recent round of comments.

5 Responses to “Links on Michelle Rhee”

  1. Doug Noon says:

    I’ve got several bookmarked, from June, 2007, which may be useful. They’re not rant-free, but what fun is that?


  2. alicemercer says:

    The Daily Howler piece is along the lines of what Larry is looking for: http://www.dailyhowler.com/dh071107.shtml

  3. [...] sometime in the future. For now, though, I’d like to point readers in the direction of the In Practice blog, our group blog written by teachers working in lower-income [...]

  4. Alice and Doug,

    Thanks for the suggestions!


  5. alicemercer says:

    Larry, that daily howler is good cause it questions the test score increases she claimed she got as a teacher.

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