Welcome aboard

It’s been a fast and furious 6 months since we started In Practice. Lots of great posts, lots of great conversations. In the interim, we’ve added two new bloggers to our group, so I wanted to take the opportunity to formally acknowledge their coming aboard.

Jennifer Orr is an elementary educator in Fairfax County, VA. and has been posting since late October.  Here is her bio: Currently teaching in a school with a significant majority of English Speakers of Other Languages students and recent immigrants. She blogs Elementary My Dear, or Far From It.

Mathew Needleman has taught grades K-2 in Title I schools for the past seven years. He has specialized in working with English Language Learners and mainstreamed special education students. He is an advocate of using video production in the classroom to motivate reluctant learners, promote higher level thinking, and close the digital divide. He currently serves as a literacy coach at Brentwood Science Magnet, his former elementary school, which receives a diverse population of low-income students from across the Los Angeles area. He blogs at: http://www.creatinglifelonglearners.com

    Please join me, in a belated welcome to these two great writers and teachers.

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