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Classroom 2.0 Live in Sacramento!

More useful and educational than Oprah’s recent tour of our tent city! Sorry, local joke. We’ll be having a live in-person meeting of Classroom 2.0 at Sacramento City College, our local community college just 2 miles from where I work! I will be there, and Larry Ferlazzo is promising an appearance on Saturday morning. ALSO! Many members of CapCUE (Capitol Area CUE group) will be meeting there informally, so please join us!


First, off I will be going to the NECC meeting this June in Washington, D.C. I will be using the opportunity to have my family (son and husband) visit my aunt in nearby central Pennsylvania, plus, the spouse has wanted to see Civil War sites since my aunt moved back out there, so it’ll make us all happy :-).

Early Bird Discount?

Did you miss the recently passed Early Bird Discount for NECC? If you are a member of CUE, you can still get that discount until May 1st! Here are details from Mike Reynolds:

Let’s share!

Did you follow my live blogging and blogging of last year’s NECC? Did you follow Angela Powell’s blogging from ASCD 2009? Are you going to NECC, and you’d like to swap contact info or try to meet up? Please fill out this form. In the interest of disclosure, I will be using this to request press credentials at NECC to continue doing live blogging this year, so be honest so I let them know to expect 10 readers (what I got last year at NECC) or 100 (what Angela got at ASCD).

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